The South Coast’s Leading Ghost Investigation Team pride ourselves on our intensive study into Paranormal Cases both here on the Island, and just about everywhere else it may take us! Originally founded by Paul Gerfen some 14 years ago, as a close-knit team we’ve learnt soo much in our time researching and investigating not just the spirits, but researching the spooky history and ghost stories from around the UK- something which I think sets us apart from other like-minded Paranormal Groups.

watertowerWe’ve been lucky enough to work with, and learn from some wonderfully skilled individuals over the years. We may only be a small trusted unit, but do all we can to encourage working alongside other groups and interested people, and that’s what’s great about the paranormal – everyone see’s it differently, you can learn soo much from each other.

Our knowledge and experience continues to grow everytime we do an investigation, we continue to push the boundaries – in a safe and controlled way – and have some amazing pieces of film footage to show for it.

When not Investigating we can found on our Social Media outlets: Myths Investigation FB Page, Myths Group Page, Twitter & Youtube


Our articles have be featured in the British Publications such as Haunted Magazine, Great British Ghosts, 21st Century Ghosts and many other local newspapers & magazines. We have worked in conjunction with many tourist outlets over the years to develop their public attractions including: IW Steam Railway (Paranormal Tours), Edinburgh Vaults (Ghost Investigations) & Southampton Tourist Board (Ghost Walks).

We’ve done some truly incredible things in our time at Myths, here’s some of our favourite highlights:

  • Had our own local radio show slot, We even streamed a live ghost investigation on web tv and local radio at the same time!
  • Released a charity DVD that ended up being shown on SKY TV (Paranormal Channel)
  • Jason Karl featured in one of our longer articles in his book ’21st Century Ghosts’
  • Hosted the Isle of Wight – Ghostfest – featuring guest TV speakers and spooky stalls, ending in a ghost investigation of Shanklin Theatre with Ian Lawman & Jason Karl

That will do for now!.. there’s soo much more I could tell you about.. but why look at the past when the future is right in front of us.