Terms and Conditions

Payment for events must be completed in full, before the start of the evening. Refunds WILL NOT be issued for any deposits. (unless resulting in an official cancellation of the event)

Unfortunately due to the nature of the event, and current health and safety guidelines – pregnant women or person’s under the age of 18 will not be permitted on an investigation. It is reminded that locations may at times be hazardous, (such as low lighting or uneven surfaces) – although we will endeavour to do everything in our power to minimize the risks, clients should be fully aware that they take part in the event at their own risk!

It is your duty to inform us of any health problems prior to an event, the location will include steps, walking and uneven floors. If this could be a problem with you, please check with us before booking, and we will clarify this with you.

During the evening our clients will be split into small groups, each group will be assigned a Myths Team Member, we must insist that you remain in these groups. If you are feeling unwell or need assistance – please notify the Myths Team Member, so that we may assist you further.

Drinking and drug taking is strictly forbidden, any persons deemed to be under the influence or acting inappropriately will be ejected from the grounds with immediate effect – with NO REFUNDS GIVEN. Smoking is not prohibited, unless permission is granted – in a designated area. No naked flames, lighters or candles are permitted to be used during the event.

The Myths Team or Location Staff are not responsible  – or liable – for damage, theft or loss of personal belongings, equipment or clothing either during the investigation or the journey home. (any personal belongings, Equipment, clothing, bags, vehicles and effects belonging to you or your party that are left unattended during the investigation are to be so at your own risk/responsibility)

In the event of ‘unforeseen circumstances’ that may force us to cancel the investigation, (including adverse weather conditions) – a full refund will be issued to the method of payment used to book the event within 24 hours.

Although investigations are held in alleged paranormally active locations, the Myths team cannot guarantee what level of activity may take place during the evening, however we will endeavour to do everything possible to give you an enjoyable experience. Any findings should be based on your own decisions.

We expect all our paying clients to respect the evenings activities and other guests, any persons deemed acting inappropriately or disrespectful will be escorted from the premises –  with no refunds given. It is the responsibility of the client to ensure that they are wearing appropriate clothing.

Psychic abilities demonstrated by the team should be deemed as a personal experience, we expect you to respect the wishes of the group. The Myths Team accepts no responsibility for injuries (physical or mentally) as a result of paranormal activity during the investigation or afterwards.

Although photographs are encouraged, recordings – audio or video – are not permitted without prior consent.

These terms and conditions are non-negotiable upon your booking of an event.