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Manor X – Oct 2017
Investigation Reports
Investigation Reports

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Myths has built up a very talented team over the years, with an incredible skill-set between us. Our methods consist of tried and tested ‘old-school’ techniques, mixed in with the very latest equipment – we take all our investigations and evidence very seriously. Every full-time team member is committed to our cause – no matter where it takes us. smokeline

Investigation Team

paul_mythsPaul Gerfen – Founder of Myths & Media Manager Paul first came up with the idea of Myths over 15 years ago as a way of mixing his interest of history and ghost stories. Paul is the skeptic of the group, always looking for the logical answers and questioning the evidence. When not running the website and other media outlets, Paul is the main cameraman – keen to capture that all important video footage. johnJohn Byrne – Team Manager & Lead Investigator

John has some unique talents when dealing with energies and spirit that make him a valued member of the Team, he is a fully qualified Reiki Master & Martial Arts Instructor.

steveSteve Haynes – Training Manager & Lead Investigator

Steve is our researcher and lone maverick, he always manages to come up with inventive ways of capturing evidence. He is very intune with spirits and energies – picking up information that the team might otherwise miss out on.

marieMarie Swinfield – Team Investigator

Marie is fearless and likes to prove herself at every opportunity, she is the first to dive into even the darkest of holes – a true investigator.

  roger_smallRoger Millward – Photographer & Team Investigator

Roger is our resident team photographer, managing to take some wonderful shots on location in some very challenging conditions. His knowledge of lighting and camera settings is a big benefit to the team.

karen_mythsKaren Cairns –  Team Investigator

Karen has been with Myths from the very start, some 14 years ago. She is currently embracing her spiritual side, and experiencing things from a different perspective.

Maria Mac – Team Investigator Maria has only been with the team for a year, in that time she has learnt to control and open up her gift of mediumship – to become a great asset with her abilities.