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we_want_youThe Myths Training Programme is open to everyone and anyone that would like to become a Team Member with us. We welcome you all – those of you that have no experience in the field – but would like to learn, to those that may have worked with other paranormal teams in the past.

We will train you from ground up to our high standards, you’ll get to use the latest ghost hunting equipment out on location with us. All we ask is for your commitment and dedication. Every person starting with us will go through a probationary period, (Myths Training Programme) – while we get to know you and show you the ropes.

Who is this for?

Anyone.. all skill levels – do you have a passion in another area, such as filming or researching? here’s your chance to learn from us and further your skills. We have invested in the latest state-of-the-art equipment, to help make this a rewarding and enjoyable experience.

Perhaps its not possible for you to come out on location, but you would like to contribute to the team or our investigations in some way? – we will be opening up a special private section of the website that allows us to communicate, share information and more importantly learn from each other.

teamAre you part of another team that would like to work closely with us? Not a problem.. work with us – learn from each other – It really is for everyone and anyone.

What is the ‘Myths Training Programme’?

A structured way for us to teach you from the very basics, such as protecting yourself from harmful energies to using the latest equipment to capturing your own evidence. This is your chance to join an experienced and well respected team. Our reputation speaks for itself, we have been successfully conducting investigations and events for the past 12 years.

We will endeavor to investigate AT LEAST one location a month, with other meetings, training and events whenever possible. We will be putting forward a small  ‘Monthly Subscriptions’ scheme to help support the programme and allow us to invest in the future – (to be confirmed). You would be expected to pay your share for any additional ‘location hire costs’ as and when needed during investigations.

Interested? – email us with your details for more information..