Jamaica Inn Investigation

14352374_10154374063537534_3111565465064959717_oWhat a great week away for Myths John.. John went to Cornwall and while there did some Paranormal investigations at a couple of famous and very haunted places.

This week I visited the Famous Jamaica Inn on Bodmin Moor. This is a very Haunted place. As soon as entered the bar I was aware of somebody wanting to say hello..

On the floor on the bar is a plaque that reads “ On this spot Josh Merlyn was murdered” I sat down with my drink soaking up this very cool place.. When a gentleman sat on the stool next to me..

He was wearing black baggy trousers, a dark waistcoat and a white shirt. With a frill on the front… He wanted to show me how he/Josh was killed. Then I had sharp pain go up my back from my Kidneys to the upper ribs on my chest.

Like a stabbing with a large dagger or sword.

There are stories of many ghosts that walk the Inn and also Horses can be heard walking the cobble stones and dark shadows have been seen walking the building.. A team visit is on the cards with a 2 night stay..

14352613_10154374064887534_2129547610095044773_oA visit to St Michaels Mount Castle. This is another castle with lots of history and spirits.. As we walked around there were a number of pictures hanging up.. 2 of them stood out for me. One of a gentleman that just stared at me.. Then his eyes went red and a tear ran down his face.. With many people walking around I was unable to stop for too long to get his full story. At the other end of the landing a picture of an old lady. Dressed in black a gown that made her look like Queen Victoria..

I managed to stop with her just for short time. Her eyes were blood shot and very tearful.. Then she walked up and down the landing, like she was lost or lost someone.. But all she does is walk up and down all day…. This to me was a very sad castle.. Not must to be happy about..


Pendennis Castle. Another place that is full of history and an exciting place to visit. This is another very haunted place with 3 spirits walking about on 3 floors. They were getting ready to have a wedding in the main hallway.. so the spirits here were being quiet and didn’t want to connect. They were calm and I think being nosey.. or did they have other plans!!!!!!
By the time the wedding ceremony was over it was too late to go back

An exciting week away and a visit will be made by the Myths Team in 2017 to bring back many more stories of these haunted and exciting places.